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he AMD A6-6400 Processor is a dual-core processor that was released in 2013. It is part of AMD’s Richland line of APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) and is designed for use in desktop computers.

With a clock speed of 3.9 GHz and 1 MB of L2 cache, the A6-6400 is a mid-range processor that offers solid performance for everyday computing tasks such as web browsing, email, and light productivity work. The processor also features AMD’s Turbo Core technology, which allows it to automatically boost its clock speed up to 4.1 GHz when additional processing power is needed.

The A6-6400 also includes an integrated Radeon HD 8470D graphics processor, which provides decent graphics performance for basic gaming and multimedia tasks. However, for more demanding gaming or professional graphics work, a dedicated graphics card is recommended.

In terms of power consumption, the A6-6400 has a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 65 watts, which is relatively low compared to other mid-range processors on the market. This makes it a good choice for users who are looking for a processor that can deliver solid performance without generating too much heat or consuming too much power.

Overall, the AMD A6-6400 Processor is a solid mid-range processor that offers good performance and energy efficiency for everyday computing tasks. While it may not be the best choice for demanding gaming or professional graphics work, it is a good choice for users who are looking for a reliable and affordable processor for general computing tasks.


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