Gigabyte GP-P550B 80+ Bronze Power Supply

  • Efficient Power: 80+ Bronze certified for eco-friendly energy use.
  • 550W Output: Suitable for various PC systems and gaming setups.
  • Versatile Connectors: Supports multiple device connections.
  • Over Voltage Protection: Safeguards against voltage fluctuations.
  • Quiet Cooling: Low-noise fan for a peaceful computing experience.
  • Reliable: Gigabyte’s trusted performance and reliability in a power supply.


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The Gigabyte GP-P550B 80+ Bronze Power Supply is your reliable companion for powering your computer system efficiently. With an 80+ Bronze certification, this power supply ensures that energy is utilized optimally, making it an eco-friendly choice while providing consistent and stable power to your PC components.

Key Features:

  • 80+ Bronze Certified: The GP-P550B boasts an 80+ Bronze certification, indicating its energy-efficient performance, reducing energy consumption while delivering reliable power.
  • 550-Watt Power Output: With a robust 550-watt power output, it can handle the demands of modern computer systems, including gaming setups and workstations.
  • Versatile Connectors: Equipped with various connectors, such as SATA, PCIe, and ATX connectors, it simplifies the setup of different devices and components.
  • Over Voltage Protection: Built-in over-voltage protection safeguards your computer system against voltage irregularities, ensuring its safety.
  • Quiet Cooling: Featuring a low-noise fan, the GP-P550B ensures minimal noise during operation, enhancing your computing experience.
  • Gigabyte Reliability: Gigabyte is synonymous with reliability and performance, and the GP-P550B lives up to this reputation, providing a dependable power supply solution.

Elevate your computer’s power efficiency and reliability with the Gigabyte GP-P550B 80+ Bronze Power Supply. With energy efficiency, versatile connectors, and built-in protection, it’s a trustworthy choice to enhance your computer’s performance while reducing your carbon footprint.


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