Desktop/PC Power Supply SMPS for Dell Precision 3420 240W DHVJN


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The Dell Precision 3420 desktop computer uses a 240W power supply unit (PSU) with part number DHVJN.

This PSU is designed for use in small form factor (SFF) computers and is specifically tailored for the Dell Precision 3420 desktop computer. It delivers a continuous power output of 240W, which is sufficient to power the CPU, motherboard, hard drives, and other peripherals in the computer.

The DHVJN PSU features an Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) system that ensures efficient and stable power delivery, and it is also compatible with Energy Star and 80 PLUS certification standards. This makes it an energy-efficient PSU that helps to reduce electricity costs and environmental impact.

The PSU comes equipped with all the necessary cables and connectors to connect to the various components inside the computer, including the motherboard, hard drives, optical drives, and other peripherals. It also features over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection to ensure the safety of the computer and its components.


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